Photos and more

episode 1


 Ian's advertisement for players published in The Age on Saturday May 17 1969

episode 2

From left to right: Doug Rawson, Chris Ludowyk, Richard Opat, Jeff Parkes, Chris Farley, Ian Smith, Ian Fleming. 1970

Australian Jazz of the 70's Vol 1

episode 3

  Poster for "Minus Children" Appeal concert. 1975

Cam Crofts on stage at "Minus Children" Appeal concert

From left to right: Bob Gilbert, Richard Opat, Chris Ludowyk, Cam Crofts, Bill Morris, Ian Smith, Neil Orchard. Picture used on the cover of the "Mooche" album. 1976

episode 4

The cover of Never Swat A Fly released in 1978, designed by Alex Stitt.

From left to right: Bill Morris, Ian Smith, Richard Opat, Neil Orchard, Chris Ludowyk, Maurie Dann and Bob Gilbert. 1978

episode 5

Ian Smith, Bob Gilbert and Maurie Dann on stage at the Melbourne Town Hall rally for the ABC. Photographs by John Ellis. 1978

The cover of the Sing You Sinners album, released in 1980.

Chris Ludowyk, Sandro Donati and Bob Gilbert at Bunratty Castle Canberra 1980. Photo by Gordon Benjamin

The band outside Athols Abbey with George the chef. 1980

episode 6


Live Before A Recorded Audience. 1981

episode 7

From left to right. Sandro Donati, Bill Morris, Richard Opat, Chris Farley, Pat Miller, Bob Gilbert and Neil Orchard. 1983

Drop Me Off In Carlton album. 1983

episode 8

The final New Harlem line-up on stage at a private function in 1987. From left to right Bill Morris behind Frank Stewart, Bob Gilbert, Richard Opat, Pat Miller, Chris Farley and Neil Orchard.  

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